More than just insulation!

What is Bloktherm?

BLOKTHERM® is a flexible, lightweight, technologically innovative thermal and hydro insulating material made of special ceramic micro-beads that reflect up to 90% of radiant heat and thus ensure very low thermal conductivity.

Our Products

Bloktherm IN

  • Insulation for all interior surfaces, whether residential or
    industrial, exposed to temperatures ranging
    from -20° to +150°C (-4° to 300°F)
  • Prevents mold from forming and thermal bridges
  • Insulates inlet and outlet pipes in
    homes against heat loss and as frost protection
  • Insulation for roller shutter box and
    other cold bridges
  • Package sizes: 1l – 3l – 5l

Bloktherm Plus

  • Insulation of exterior surfaces, concrete and
    other materials in the temperature range
    -40° to +80°C (-40° to +175°F)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Package sizes: 1l – 3l – 5l


  • Insulation of exterior surfaces and
    industrial facilities exposed to temperatures ranging
    from -40° to +250°C (-40° to +475°F)
  • Optimized for use in particularly
    high temperatures
  • Package sizes: 1l – 3l – 5l

Bloktherm S – Mold-Blocker

  • Suitable for effective prevention of indoor mold build-up
  • Insulation for surfaces exposed to temperatures ranging -20° to 150°C (-4° to +300°F)
  • Package sizes: 1l – 3l – 5l

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