An innovation in insulation technology

What is Bloktherm?

The Technology

BLOKTHERM® is a flexible, lightweight, technologically innovative thermal and hydro insulating material made of special ceramic micro-beads that reflect up to 90% of radiant heat and thus ensure very low thermal conductivity.

With its unique properties, BLOKTHERM® can influence the thermal comfort in buildings and industrial facilities, resulting in an enormous savings in energy demand and consumption.

Features & Benefits a glance

  • effective thermal and hydro insulation in layers as thin as 1 mm
  • fast and simple application
  • can be used with almost all materials
  • high breathability
  • abrasion-resistant, durable, and washable
  • prevents mold growth
  • durable
  • very lightweight
  • fireproof
  • frost resistant
  • healthy
  • can be combined with emulsion paints

Technical Data

Appearancepaste fabric
Equivalent diffusion resistancesd = 0.16 m (1 mm layer) per to EN ISO 7783
Adherence to substratemin. 1.2 MPa per ČSN 73 2577
min. application layer1mm
Durability after curingmin. 15 years in normal conditions
Storagebetween 5°–45°C (40°-113°F); do not allow to freeze
Shelf lifeUnopened 2 years after manufacture
Suitable substratesAll types of porous materials, wood and its by-products, metal surfaces, glass
Recommended working temperature+5° to 50°C (+40° to 122°F)
Health and safetyfree of health hazards per ČSN 1230-1
Flammabilityfire-resistant per ČSN EN 13501-1+A1-

Standards & Certifications

You can rely on the quality and safety of our products. Our materials are manufactured and tested under the following standards/guidelines:

EN 12667: 2002, EN ISO 1182: 2011, EN ISO 1716: 2011, EN ISO 11 952-2, EN ISO 9239-1, EN ISO 16000-9, EN ISO 16000-10, EN ISO 1600-1611, EN 1230 -1: 2002 73 2577: 1981 2579: 1981, EN ISO 7783, EN 13501-1 + A1